Does joker cheat on harley

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no he's not really intressted in love he just needed a hench girl that's why harleys there

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Q: Does joker cheat on harley
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What super villain in my mental twin?

Harley Quinn

What is the name of joker's female assistant?

Harley quin

On Lego batman is there a cheat code to be the joker? have to be the joker in arkham asylm,then you have to buy tropical joker

Is harley Quinn a lesbian?

no she is not...she just love madly the joker

What is the cheat code for the joker in lego batman the video game?

CCB199 - The Joker (Tropical) - (from the Joker Surprise toy)

Can you buy laughing bombs for joker and harley quin?

i dont now

How do you find Harley Quinn in Batman Arkham Asylum?

Go to Joker's place.

Is harley Quinn playable in batman arkham city?

no she is with the joker most of the time

How can you be the joker on xbox360?

yes u can just do the hair cheat at the avatar editor n dress how the joker is

Does Batman love Harley Quinn?

No. The only person shown to love Harley besides her boyfriend whom died long before she became Harley Quinn is the Joker. Even then he only claims to truly love her when she leaves him and starts her own gang, this story arc can be found in the Harley Quinn comic series.

Why did the Joker and Harley Quinn decide to kidnap Robin and morph him into a Joker Junior when they could have just had a biological child?

They actually wanted to torture Batman. Joker had another plan that when he died, Robin would take his place as the Joker. He thought it would annoy Batman even more that Robin would be working for the Joker and that one day Robin would be fighting the dark knight. But tragically, Harley Quinn dies because Batgirl couldn’t help her from the bottomless pit the girls where fighting in. She fell into the pit. Comment f

When did the joker and Harley Quinn start dating?

The Joker and Harley Quinn first met when Harley was working as a psychiatrist in the Arkham Asylum. Harley was warned about the Joker, but she made a session with him anyways. He told her everything she wanted to hear, like lies about his past (abusive father, runaway mother, it's different depending on what you're reading or watching) and he told her he liked her name, Harleen Quinzel, or Harley Quinzel because it was like the clown character Harleqiun. She soon falls in love with him and becomes Harley Quinn. She changed her name so it was more appealing to the Joker and she busted him out of the asylum. They've been, well, 'dating' from then on in an abusive manipulative relationship.