Does disc replay sell PC games?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes, some actually have a wide variety of games to choose from

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Q: Does disc replay sell PC games?
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What do you do with the action replay disc?

you can put it in a PC and download it so you can get newer codes for newer games.

Which PS3 disc can you use on PC?

PS3 games do not play on PC even if the Disc is the type your PC can read and not a Blue ray disc

How do you play PC games without the disc?

Read my answer under the question How do you play a PC game without the disc in the disc drive? on this site.

Can you sell PC games to Gamestop?

No you can't because the guy will say that people put a virus in the disc and they won't buy it. I know because my friend tried to sell one

Why you cant play ps3 games on PC?

ps3 games are bluray disc

Can you buy undead nightmare with Microsoft points and play it with out the disc?

You need the disc for PC games.

Where do you insert the action replay disc on a Playstation portable?

The PSP Action replay takes the form of a memory stick, you insert that into the PSP as normal. Any 'disc' provided is for your PC, it's a compilation of game cheats and saves that can be transferred to the memory stick.

How do you upload codes from your PC to your DS with action replay?

you have to put your action replay cartridge into your ds and then install the disc wich comes with it and then it will autimaticily upload it just choose the cheats you want

Do they sell PC games in GAME?


Where can you sell your PC games?

You can sell them at your local game store, simple as that.

How play PS3 games on PC?

You cant... even if its a sony PC, the disc is built not to run on computers, just the PS3.

Does walmart sale PC games?

yes,they do sell PC games because if you look at the site and go into the store you will eventualy find PC games somewhere :-)