Does cynder love malefor

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. Reason? Well, in Dawn of the Dragon, in the "Malefor's Lair" cutscene right before you kill Malefor, Malefor takes control of Cynder in her Shadow Form. She still feels love and respect for her old Master. So, yes CYNDER LOVES MALEFOR. :3

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Q: Does cynder love malefor
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Why would Cynder love Spyro and Malefore?

She dont just Spyro but she cares for Malefor in a diffrent way.His name is Malefor not Malefore just so you know

Did Cynder really trick Spyro in freeing Malefor in Dawn of the Dragon?


Does spyro love cynder?

I think he does. Before you fight Malefor at the end Of "Dawn of the Dragon" (my favorite video game!!!), Malefor uses some kind of power to turn Cynder into Dark Cynder. She attacks Spyro, but he won't hurt her... quote time. Dark Cynder: Fight back! (WHACK) Why won't you fight back?!?! Spyro: (sad face) Because you've left me nothing to fight for.... Um, Actually, Spyro Does Love Cynder. Because If You Actually Search It Up. It Says They Have Feelings For Each Other. And At The End Of DOTD, Cynder Tells Spyro That She Loves Him. T . T

Who is cynder?

Cynder is a black dragoness from The Legend of Spyro games, who was exposed to the darkness and made a puppet to the dark master aka Malefor. We soon find out that she has a crush on spyro and admits it at the end of the legend of spyro:dawn of the dragon by saying "I love you"

Why is Ember called Cynder in the new Spyro?

Because "Cynder" is the name Malefor gave her after he stole her latter Cynder ether changed her name to "Ember" or it's a nick name not sure wich.

How do you unhook Spyro and the other dragon?

The other one is Cynder. You can't unhook them until Malefor does at the end.

What is the role of Cynder in the 'Skylanders' series?

The role of Cynder in the "Skylanders" series is to be an ally to the Skylanders. She was corrupted by Malefor, the Undead Dragon King of the Underworld, and later freed by Spyro, a Skylander.

Who is Spyro and Cynder?

Spyro is a rare purple dragon he is only born every 10 years or so.... Spyro is destined to keep the world at peace and he does.....Cynder is a mid night purple dragon she was corrupted by the dark master Malafore.Spyro ends up freeing cynder from the dark master spell..Now that the dark master has been released in enternal night....spyro and cynder must now defeat the dark master...Spyro and Cynder do defeat the dark master and keep the world at peace...Spyro and Cynder rest with peace in Valley Of Avalar......ALSO SPYRO LOVES CYNDER AND CYNDER LOVES SPYRO...THIS BETTER ANSWER YOUR QUESTION...your very welcome....Adding on to answer above..... Correction: In ANB, Ignitus says that a purple dragon is born ever 10 generations.The Dark Master (Malefor) attempts to destroy the world, as he thinks is the purple dragons' destiny. Spyro and Cynder fight him and end up defating him. But, they did not stop the world's destruction. As the world is falling apart, Spyro pulls it back together and he and Cynder are caught in a time laspe somewhere, though they have not died.Oh, and to the person above me,ALSO CYNDER LOVES MALEFOR AND MALEFOR LOVES CYNDER HAHAHAHAAAA!!O:...Cynder is afraid of the Dark Master. She doesn't love him; He manipulated her!

Is malefor dead?

Unfortunately, no. At the end of Dawn of the Dragon, it is noticeable that Spyro, Cynder, and Malefor are fighting above The Well of Souls, which is where the Guardians lock up souls. When Cynder and Spyro knock down Malefor with their combined Fury Beam, as Maleofr gets up unscathed, Ghosts or souls or SOMETHING pop out of The Well of Souls and capture him in The Well with them. So, I'm thinking that maybe the next Spyro series will be about how Malefor rises again and Spyro and Cynder are now adults and must defeat him! But I really don't know. Guys, please don't take me as a reliable source. I'm probably wrong. Soooo.......Yeah. Hope it answered you question!

Who are all the dragons in spyro dawn of the dragon?

Spyro, Cynder, Malefor, the Chronicler, Ignitus, Volteer, Cyril, Terrador, and one that looks sorta like a crocodile that has no name. And if you count them separately, Dark Spyro and Dark Cynder.

Does Cynder hate Spyro?

no Spyro and Cynder are in love

Why is cynder evil?

She's evil because she was possest by the Dark Master (Malefor) when she hatched. But it wasn't her fault. She was forced to. When you play The Legend of Spyro you'll find out.