Does axe really attract women

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If your someone like Brad Pritt, than yes. If your not someone like Brad Pitt than you are still screwed like everyone else. (Not screwed like laid, but screwed like out of luck). Nub stinks... and the smell attracts to my clothes form the mans clothes...ew

no axe smells DISCUSTING

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Q: Does axe really attract women
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Does using AXE products work to attract women?

Depends on the women. Some like that smell and it would, others don't.

Do the ingredients in Axe products really attract women?

" To some women it may smell good, but its not going to automatically attract them if you put it on. However, surveys and studies have been conducted, and there is very strong conclusive evidence that women are particularly more attracted to men that groom and have proper hygiene more so than men who do not. Such factors include showering, shaving, cologne, brushed teeth, and reasonably managed hair. AXE markets products to meet most of these needs. Men do not have to use the AXE product line to get these done, but if they do not keep these regular habits on a daily basis, they are less likely to attract women.

Does any Cologne really attract women?

Certain types of cologne attract women just as a womens perfume attracts you. Not all scents will attract every women but popular ones usually work the best.

Why do women really wear anklets?

Because it shows sexyness and attract men

Will an iron axe and a south pole attract?

Normally yes. (Not if the axe is magnetized and the part you're approaching is a south pole.)

Where can you buy women's axe?


Is axe excite for women or men?

It is for men.

What are some websites that tell how to attract women?

Some websites that tell how to attract women are AskMen, Attract Women, and and Girls Chase. They have a number of tips on what kinds of things impress women.

Easiest way to attract women?

The easiest way to attract women is to do what they like. You need to be both a man and at the same time be like a slave to the woman. Its the best way to attract women.

Which is the best smelling Axe fragrance?

The AXE that really smells good to me are Dark Temption or Phoenix

Why do women hate axe?

Women dont hate axe. it's just when guys spray on way to much, thats when we get annoyed. I mean smells good but there is not need to over do it.

How can i attract women?

get off the computer