Does anyone want to play minecraft?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hey guys just askin for someones ip so i can play with them online? i would love to :P

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Q: Does anyone want to play minecraft?
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Does anyone want to play Minecraft survival with me?


Can 8 year ods play Minecraft?

Minecraft is open to anyone of any age! Feel free to play!

How can you play minecraft without anyone knowing?

Sneak it in.

Does anyone have a Minecraft account that you don't use and that i can play on or have?


Do you need to register your account to get Minecraft?

You must register your account to play Minecraft, however, anyone can download Minecraft.

Can you play Minecraft?

yes but you have to download minecraft if you want it to work

Where to go when you want a free Minecraft account?

Anyone can register a free Minecraft account on the Minecraft website.

Can Muslims play Minecraft?

The game never asks or checks your religion, anyone can play it.

Who wants to play minecraft with me?

This is not the place the find playing friends, nor are you likely to find anyone here. Try joining a server and chatting with people there to see if they want to play with you.

Does anyone want to join our minecraft server?

i would

Does anyone want to start a minecraft griefing team?


What are some Minecraft logins?

You should really buy Minecraft yourself if you want to play it.