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Q: Does anybody have a link to that old Ya Ya Yahtzee Commercial?
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What is the commercial that goes hello hello can anybody hear me?

its one of the old commercials

Why is Lucy Jackson in all credit reportcom commercials?

who is that old woman in the free credit. com commercial? I get Lucy Jackson. Why is she in every commercial? Is she related to the singer or the video producer or what. Have a bet going.....................please solve this. Thanks anybody.

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go to the related website link below

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Anybody Killa Was Born July 26 1973 So He Would 38 Years Old

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Gregory White is the old guy giving the romantic advice. (see related link)

What is the name of the song in the new Holiday Ca Scratchers commercial?

If you're referring to THIS new commercial featuring an old gentleman who receives several scratchers as a holiday gift (See related Link), the song is Claude Debussey's Suite Bergamasque and can be found here: (See related Link)

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What is the world record for a game of yahtzee?

Today we played Yahtzee with 95-year-old Jack Wilcox of Las Vegas and he rolled a 776 game with FOUR CONSECUTIVE Yahtzees, followed by 2 more Back-to-Back Yahtzees near end of game! Never seen anything like it! Congratulation, Jack.

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NO she is a slut.

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The original "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" script can be found by following the link in the Related Links section below.

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Yes, he is in the new Old Navy, Best Tee commercial.