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Club Penguin, Zwinky, Second Life, Free Realms, Wizard 101

Pandanda, Chobots, WoozWorld, Habbo Hotel, FrankTown Rocks, Panfu, ToonTown Online, TootVille, BinWeevils and Moshi Monsters.

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Q: Does any body no any virtual world games?
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Are there any virtual world games without membership?


How do you play virtual world games?

go on googl, type virtual world games and click on any of them. Virtual world games is a website where u can chat 2 other members from around the world and play games. basically like club penguin and moshi monsters and stardoll etc.

Are there any free virtual chating games? is great! Its a 3D no download free virtual world!!!

Are there any virtual world games where you are an animal?

Yes. Club Penguin.

Are there any Naruto virtual world games online that doesn't require downloading?


Are there any virtual games like my tribe other than virtual vilagers?

virtual famillies

Are there any virtual world apps?

Try virtual families or virtual villagers

Are there any good virtual worlds that are for free for children under 12?

Nearly all games that include a virtual world are advised for players from 13 year and over.

Are there any virtual dog wolf or fox games that are free and don't require downloading?

I've played virtual dog games and I'm going to say yes to it i played the virtual games on myspace that is where you can find the virtual games

Any virtual world games?

Club penguin Habbo Hotel Pandanda Panfu Tootsville Pixie Hallow

Are there any virtual dentist games?


Are there any under water virtual games?