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I believe so. Rock band Guitars don't however.

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Q: Does any Guitar Hero guitar work on any Guitar Hero game?
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Can a Guitar Hero 4 guitar work on a Guitar Hero 3 game?


Can a rock band guitar work for a Guitar Hero game?

Yes, but not the drums (but a guitar hero drums will work on a rock band game)

In Guitar Hero does the game have to match the type of guitar?

No, for example a Guitar Hero 2 guitar will work for Guitar Hero 3. However for the guitar to work it must be for the same system. A xbox 360 guitar will only work on a 360.

Will the Guitar Hero 2 guitar work for world tour game on Xbox 360?

Yes. Any of the "Rockband" or "Guitar Hero" guitars will work for "Guitar Hero".

Are the controllers for Guitar Hero the same for all platforms?

Yes, Guitar Hero 2 controller will work in any other guitar hero game same as guitar hero world tour controller can work on any guitar hero game, But you cant use xbox360 controller on another console guitar hero game.

Does the rock band 2 guitar work with Guitar Hero?

IT does for Guitar Hero 3, World Tour and Metallica. Not for Guitar Hero 2

Will a rock band wireless guitar work with any Guitar Hero game?

No, but in Guitar Hero 5 it works!

Will the Kramer wilreless guitar work with Guitar Hero 1 on ps2?

Yes they are compatible with any Guitar Hero game

Can a guitar hero guitar for wii work with a rock band game?

No it wont work

Can Guitar Hero iii Les Paul wireless guitar for sony ps3 play in all the Guitar Hero?

It should work for any Guitar Hero game for the PS3.

Does Guitar Hero 3 guitar work for Guitar Hero 1 on PS?

yes, all of the guitar hero controllers are compatible within the same console. For example any guitar hero controller made for ps2 will work on any guitar hero game on ps2.

Can you play a Guitar Hero game with a Rock Band Guitar?

Unfortunately, no, a Rock Band guitar controller will not work for Guitar Hero games. However, a Guitar Hero guitar controller will work for Rock Band. You could also use the wire less Rock Band Guitar on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock