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Shiney eevee would evolve into a shiney flareon.

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Q: Does a shiny Eevee evolve into a shiny flareon?
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How do you evolve an Eevee to a Flareon?

To make Eevee evolve into a Flareon, you have to expose it to a Fire Stone.

How does evee evolve into flareon?

Eevee evolves into a Flareon by using a Fire Stone on Eevee.

How do you evolve Eevee into a flareon?

Give EEVEE a Fire Stone.

Which pokemon does a fire stone evolve?

it can evolve eevee into a flareon.

How do you make Eevee evolve into flareon in platinum?

use a firestone on eevee

Does flareon evolve?

No, flareon can't because it evolves from eevee with a fire stone.

Why can't I evolve my flareon in Pokemon diamond?

Flareon can't evolve you can only evolve eevee into: /flareon/jolteon/vaporeon/leafeon/glaceon/umbreon/espeon

Who should you evolve your eevee to in Pokemon platinum?

A Flareon

How do you evolve Eevee into flareon?

use a fire stone

Can Eevee evolve with a shiny stone?

No, Eevee does not evolve with a Shiny Stone. Only Togetic, Roselia, and Chillarmy evolve with it.

What forms can eevee evolve in to in FireRed?

Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon.

How do you make your Eevee evolve into flareon?

use a fire stone