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not really. Wii fit will help you lose weight. (There is one catch though. You have to get up off the couch and use it.)

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Q: Does Wii Fit actually help you lose weight?
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How can a bike help you lose weight?

Of course! Bike-riding is a fairly intense form of exercise that will help keep you fit and lose weight.

Is a weight loss trainer an effective way of losing weight?

A weight loss trainer is a great way to lose weight because they can help you make a plan that can fit your needs and expectations. ALso, a nutritionalist can help you lose way in a healthy and positive way.

How does proper nutrition help you stay fit?

It helps you lose fat weight and/or gain lean body mass

What exercises are best to start an unfit body to lose weight?

Some exercises that are good to help your body become fit and lose weight are:Walking - normal or in the treadmilljogging - on a track or in a treadmillEllipticalCyclingStair stepper

How do you lose weight and be fit for volleyball?

work out

What online free diet program can I use to lose weight.?

"Weight Watchers" and "Fit Day" offers products, free tips on how lose weight, a journal to keep track of your progress and a diet planner to help you plan out your diet.

Where can one find a celebrity fit club?

Celebrity Fit Club is a TV series that follow eight overweight celebrities as they try and lose the weight. There is not actually a brick and mortar Celebrity Fit Club.

How do you fit into a tight bodice dress?

lose weight

How do you fit into tight bodiced dresses?

lose weight

How much should I exercise and what's a good diet to lose weight?

You simply cannot lose weight "fast". If you want to lose weight without feeling lousy and possibly endangering your own health, it is best to consult your doctor or a nutritional expert. They can help you customize a diet and exercise plan that will help you become and stay healthy and fit for your entire life.

What is the purpose of exercise?

The purpose of exercise is to keep your muscles toned, your joints limber and to help you lose some excess weight.

What is exercise used for?

Exercise is so you can stay fit and lose weight!