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i have recently been on this site and it placed a zlob Trojan on my system,


(site used to be an ok game but the game was discontinued and now has been hijacked)

if you have this Trojan it is a smart virus.

  • it can stop Google and other websites from viewing properly
  • task manager is blocked due to administration rights
  • constant pop up's wanting to download anti virus 2009 (a fake program)

eventualy it will shut the system down and when rebooted it is a pain doing anything!

luckily for me i had a laptop available to search for a solution - best one i found was malwarebytes' anti-malware,

if you can still access Google etc search for antivirus 2009 virus

and check out the Yahoo answers result the best answer there has ways to get rid, but make sure any links to download malware link to as the Trojan again redirects you to a fake results.


(site used to be an ok game but the game was discontinued and now has been hijacked)

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Q: Does Pokemon Crater give you viruses?
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