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Pokemon Crater has been shut down and I have found a new website that is being rebuilt to replace Pokemon Crater. And it works if it's just blank wait a while

hey don't go to this site it gave my friend Jon 400 trojans(viruses) is too slow. My friend got a virus.

You can also go on

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Q: Can you go on Pokemon crater battle arena v7?
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How do you use evolution stones on Pokemon crater battle arena?

you find a Pokemon that you can do it with then you go to my Pokemon then you click evolve me then hit the one you want ----------------------------------------------------------- example : evee

How do you get so many credits in Pokemon battle arena?

donate or go on the crater once a day and save each credit you get once a day.

How do you evolve Pokemon in Pokemon crater battle arena online game?

go to tranier HQ click on my Pokemon a list of Pokemon will appear which u have caught if they are evolving a option will come evolve me.

How do you make money in Pokemon crater battle arena?

Listen carefully to what I have to say: there is no such thing as Pokemon crater. yes there is.There is Pokemon crater but its called Pokemon battle how to get easly money?its little bit boring but catch dark Pokemon(houndoom is best cuz when u learn him overheat it do big damage)then go to battle trainers and fight to psycho cuz he wont damage u and u will get 10k every time u beat him

How do you put Pokemon on your team on Pokemon Crater Battle Arena?

go to pokecenter and click on the arrow for the current Pokemon click empty slot and then clcick on other side and click Pokemon you want on the team click swap and save

How do you level up faster in Pokemon battle arena?

go to my account appucs battle me

How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon battle crater?

you go on Mibit to show of your Pokemon then after you put it up for trade and someone offers then you can accept or decline.

When is Pokemon crater coming back?

So far is not coming back. What we do Know is that the creater of Pokemon crater might open it up again after he gets out of college.ANSWERwell Pokemon crater might come back so if you're looking for a similar game to it then i'd try Pokemon battle arena . net because you have to beat high level people(really high) to beat the kanto gm leaders in Pokemon indigo . com, so i'd do pokemonbattlearena.netThis is an update,Pokemon crater is coming back in 2009 sept. 28.:)The reason is that the creator had to go to college and now he is coming back to reopen the site!!!!!!!!!!!! But not

Why can't i go to any routes in Pokemon battle arena?

there are no routes in that game you have a teleporter

How do you go to route 14 in Pokemon battle arena?

quick movement or walk to a exit.

How can you catch a rainbow Pokemon in Pokemon battle arena?

There is only rainbow ponytas' in Pokemon battle arena, you can get them and find the rarely on route 7.

Pokemon Stadium 2?

Pokemon Stadium 2 is the sequel to Pokemon Stadium. The game features all 251 pokemon and allows connectivity to Gold, Silver, and Crystal version. The game features more minigame modes, more free battle options, a larger gym leader castle, a My Room mode, and even allows connectivity with Mystery Gift.