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Birthdays: Walk into your house after 6:00 pm and your spouse will ask you what day it is. If you answer correctly (depending on who's birthday it actually is) you'll raise your relationship with the party members. All of the family members have to be inside your house in order for the event to activate, so if your child doesn't come home until 6:30 pm you will have to wait.

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Q: Does Muffy make you a birthday dinner in harvest moon ds?
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What is Muffy like in Harvest moon DS?

Muffy is a very cheerful and happy girl in harvest moon DS. She Lives in the bue bar with Griffin. If you want to marry muffy, Make her apple pie or give her anything from carter's dig (The girly things, not gold and silver. She HATES Them). Muffy is really ncie and cheerful, be careful, Griffin likes muffy too!

You went to the beach for purple heart event for muffy but muffy is not there on harvest moon ds?

Make sure it is not on a Wednesday and must not be a rainy day. >.< bx

On harvest moon ds how many affection points do you have to have with muffy to make her heart black?

10000 LP

When will you marry muffy in harvest moon ds?

If Muffy won't marry you there must be a requirement you haven't completed. Here are the all requirements needed to get married: Have a Red Heart with the girl See all four of her Heart Events Upgrade your house twice Buy the Big Bed Find at least 60 Harvest Sprites Buy the Blue Feather Make sure you complete all of those before you propose again.

What do you say when Muffy asks what type of girls you like on Harvest Moon DS?

If you want to make her happy say you like "Cheerful and Pretty" girls.

When you do the events with muffy on harvest moon DS they dont work what do you do?

All you can do is keep trying. Make sure you are doing the events in order and you have all the requirements met.

What should you make for a birthday dinner?

the person who's birthday it is favorite meal

What can you do with the sword on sims2 castaway for ps2?

harvest vines and make dinner .... its just for looks

What should you do for dinner for a 50th birthday party?

make something the birthday boy or birthday girl likesask them what they want you to cook

In harvest moon ds when can you have kid with Muffy after your marride?

try giving her presents every day and make sure her affection towards you is high eventually she'll become pregnant all on her own

How do you make muffy love you on harvest moon?

You need to raise her love points, and one way is to buy wine from karens shop, and give it to muffy everyday. Just once a day though. then you need to activate her heart events. Check this website out. it helps

How do you celebrate you anniversary in harvest moon ToT?

your husband or wife will usually make a fancy dinner, and you can give him something:)