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No they appear randomly

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Q: Do you use the pokeradar to find the special Pokemon in trophy garden?
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How do you catch Eevee in the trophy garden in Pokemon platinum?

At the end of the game, new Pokemon appear in the trophy garden. one hint. max repels and a pokeradar.

Where is happinie in Pokemon Platinum?

Once you have the National Dex, go to the Pokemon Mansion and speak to Mr. Backlot. He'll tell you which Pokemon is in Trophy Garden. You'll need to find it in Trophy Garden with a Pokeradar.

Were do you find a happiny in platnum?

in mr.backlots trophy garden.(if possesed use pokeradar)

Can anyone list the special Pokemon in the trophy garden?

if you go to it will tell you all the Pokemon you can find in the garden

Where is trophy garden on Pokemon diamond?

The Trophy Garden in Pokemon Diamond is located behind the Pokemon Mansion on Route 212. Many rare Pokemon may be encountered and caught only in the Trophy Garden.

Where can you find a lot of Eevees in Pokemon platinum?

you can get a whole bunch of shards and trade them to a man for stone to evolve pokemon.

Do you have to have the national pokedex to get eevee in the trophy garden in Pokemon platinum?

No, you must have the National Pokedex to see Eevee in the Trophy Garden. Once you receive it, you can talk to Backlot and he will tell you which special pokemon showed up in the garden that morning. At some point, he will tell you that he saw an Eevee in the garden, then you can go into the garden and find Eevee.

Where is soodowoodo in Pokemon platinum?

You can find them wild by Pal Park, down and to the left of sandgem, or catch a bonsly as a special Pokemon in the trophy garden

What time can you catch Ditto in pearl?

Unfortunately, a Ditto appearing in Pokemon Platinum is not dependent on time of day. The only area they appear in is the Trophy Garden behind the Pokemon Mansion on Route 212, and they are part of many Pokemon species that are not native to Sinnoh that can be caught there. In order to catch a Ditto, you must talk to Mr. Backlot at the Mansion, and if he mentions that he discovered Ditto in his backyard, there will be Ditto availabe to catch in the Trophy Garden. NOTE: The Ditto, along with the other 'special' Pokemon that appear in the Trophy Garden, do not appear until you have obtained the National Pokedex.

Where is the trophy garden in Pokemon diamond?

In Hearthome

Where is Pichu on Pokemon platinum?

trophy garden

Where to get diddo on Pokemon platinum?

in the trophy garden