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Basically, yes. Different wands and staffs give different bonuses to "magic accuracy", with the result that you have a higher chance of causing damage, thus increasing average damage-per-second. This has nothing to do with saving runes. However, a staff of air will use no air runes for spells that require them; similarly, a staff of fire, water, or earth will save you the corresponding runes. Since the air spells only use air runes, you can cast them for free if you wield a staff of air. A staff of light, on the other hand, gives you a 1/8 chance to save ANY type of rune, so on average, it will save you 1/8 of the total cost.

Please note that the basic combat spells - that is, most combat spells in the standard spellbook - are now fairly cheap - especially if compared to the time before the Evolution of Combat upgrade - since they use only elemental runes.

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Q: Do you still need runes when using a beginner wand in runescape?
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How do you alch in RuneScape?

You can use the Low Level Alchemy at magic level 21 using 1 nature rune and 3 fire runes. Then after you get to magic level 55 you can High Level Alchemy using 1 nature rune and 5 fire runes. Both are for F2P and P2P.

How do you air run on RuneScape?

Log on to RuneScape in world 16. To do air running, you need to have: -lots of unnoted regular essence, but bring as much as you can carry. -an air tiara or air talisman After getting these items, go south of the city of Falador. There should be a big trail of people there. Go into the air altar by clicking on the mysterious ruins if you have an air tiara or by using your air talisman on the mysterious ruins. When you are inside, require assistance from anyone saying things like, "7x" or "9x". When it says that you have received assistance from the player, craft your runes by clicking on the air altar and then say something like, "Thank you" to notify that you are done crafting your runes. Go out of the place and go into the city and go to the bank and deposit your air runes and then withdraw essence. Repeat this over and over until you run out of essence. When you are done, you will have a lot of air runes. You could either keep these or sell them on the Grand Exchange for money. Runescape is for people with no pubic hairs

How do you use RuneScape bots?

You don't. Using runescape bots will result in a permanent ban.

Does using bots for RuneScape cause viruses?

Most of them. Besides, you would get banned for using bots.

Where do you find or make soda ash on runescape?

You make Soda Ash in Runescape by simply using seaweed on a fire. (However, this process is for members only).

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How do you get runes on RuneScape?

You can get runes by making them using the runecrafting skill, buying them at a rune shop or in some cases runes may be just on the floor. Monsters will sometimes drop runes as well.the rune store he refers to is in varrock and it is behind the east bank

How do you alch in RuneScape?

You can use the Low Level Alchemy at magic level 21 using 1 nature rune and 3 fire runes. Then after you get to magic level 55 you can High Level Alchemy using 1 nature rune and 5 fire runes. Both are for F2P and P2P.

Where do you find chaos runes in runescape?

Buy them from certain magic shops.Buy them from the Grand Exchange or from other players.Make them using the Runecrafting skill. You need at least 35 Runecrafting and must be a member.Certain monsters may drop chaos runes, but in low quantities.

Runescape do you still get xp when your using canon?

Yes, you get range xp.

How do you get quick money in RuneScape?

There are a few ways to get easy money in the MMORPG RuneScape. - Woodcut Magic Logs - Mine Runite Ore - Craft x2 Cosmic Runes - Slay Creatures Remember, cheating on RuneScape is not the way to go, because Jagex moniters the cheating of the game, because there are NO TRUE RUNESCAPE cheats. Using a macro, or cheating service is illegal on Runescape, and you can suffer penalties, and possibly a ban.

In runescape what is the difference between pure and rune essence?

Pure essence can be used to create chaos, blood, death, soul, nature or cosmic runesANDAir, mind, fire, water, earth and body runes, which can be made using rune essence too.

Where is mcgrubors wood in RuneScape?

It is near Seers Village, you can get there quicker by using the "Camelot Teleport" spell from your spell book requiring 5x Air Runes and 1 Law Rune also requires 45 Magic.

In RuneScape what is the best yet cheapest spell for a magic level 47 in RuneScape?

Wind blast and water blast or too much with death runes, i strongly suggest using any kind of bolt, depending on your enemy. It is mildly priced right now, its worth it but blasts arent for your lvlFrom Sprgal126

Why wont it let you equip runes or insignias in guild wars?

Er, wat? Of course it will. Are you using the right runes and insigniae for your profession? A ranger, for example, cannot equip Monk-only runes.

In Rune Scape how do you get magic skills and items very easily?

to get runes and magic supplies: you go to the world map and press the fire rune, there are a few diff. rune shops on Runescape. how to skill magic:I think the easiest way is to alch, if your mage is high enough like around 55, you can do this, if lower you can just kill monsters using death or chaos runes.

How much does getting magic from level 60 to 99 in runescape cost?

That obviously depends how you do it. There is a very basic attack spell that you can do for free, but it will be fairly slow. In the Fist of Guthix minigame you get some sort of generic runes, which you can use to attack your opponent for free, but that is also slow. As you use more advanced spells, using mind runes, chaos runes, death runes and the members-only blood runes, it gets progressively more expensive - but also faster - to use attack spells. Other options include superheating, and high alchemy. I believe in some cases you can do superheating (making bars) with a profit, too.

What is a sentence using the word beginner?

Some examples... * "A beginner is not as good as an expert." * "Tim was bad at Trumpet, because he was just a beginner" * "She did quit well for a beginner."