How do you alch in RuneScape?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can use the Low Level Alchemy at magic level 21 using 1 nature rune and 3 fire runes.

Then after you get to magic level 55 you can High Level Alchemy using 1 nature rune and 5 fire runes. Both are for F2P and P2P.

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Q: How do you alch in RuneScape?
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What is good stuff to alch on runescape?

yew longbows

What is the best thing to alch in Runescape besides yew longbows?

Adamant Platebody

On runescape if you high alch yew long do you make money?

No, you still do lose a bit.

What to high alch on RuneScape?

I recommend high alching items like maple longbows (u) or yew longbows because when you alch them they gives you more coins than if you sold them.

What should you low alch in runescape?

To be honest with you, you shouldn't really lo-alch anything since it would be a waste of runes or/and cash spent on those runes, unless you make platebodies steel+ yourself, then low alch them.

How do you get rid of your member items on runescape if I'm a non member but still get a profit out of it?

I think you can alch it and get profit.

Can you recharge the low alch spell on explorer ring 2in runescape?

no, have to wait til midnight gmt

In runescape does the item you high alch affect how much exp you receive?

No, any item gives the same exp.

Good alch places in runescape?

It doesn't matter where you alch, just alch anywhere: If you want something to watch whilst you alch: Go Castle wars or a place like that. If you want peace and quiet: Go to a place like Mos' Le Harmless, or the elven place, where not many people have access to. If you want someone to talk to, visit a friend or go to a POH and do your alching.

For the gravite rapier how do you know it's high alchemy runescape wiki says unknown?

You cannot alch a Dungeoneering item.

How many natures it take to 99 magic?

It all depends on what your level in magic is, and if you are casting the high alch or low alch spell. If I were you I'd use a runescape calculator. Here are 2 calculators below I like to use. I hope you find this useful

Where can you kill things to raise your magic runescape?

go to the highest floor in the wizardtower and there is a lesser demon, you can kill... (good place 4 ranging 2 I guess) If you are 21 you can begin with money making for low alch (you'll get alot of loss) low alch till you are 55 and then you just high alch till 99 (you'll gain a bit loss)