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No. You can get married before you ring all the Bells. Then after that all you must do is upgrade your house so it is large enough for kids and earn more hearts with your spouse.

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Q: Do you need to get all the bells to have two kids in harvest moon animal parade?
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Is it possible to have two kids in the game harvest moon animal parade?

Yes, this is the very first harvest moon game that allows you to have two kids. :]

What will Candace's kids in Harvest Moon Animal Parade look like?

Children will have the same hair and eye color as the person you married. So if you marry Candace her children will have blue hair and eyes.

How much kids can you have for Harvest moon?

Well It really depends on what game your playing. Like in animal parade i think you can have two or three.... but in basically all the other games you can only have one. One the upside in most games you can pick the gender!

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Can you have kids in harvest moon hero of leaf village?

No. You can get married but you will never have any kids.

Can your kids get married in harvest moon cute?

No they cannot.

Can you have normal kids with the goddess on harvest moon ds?

If you marry the Harvest Goddess your child will be perfectly normal.

How many kids can you have in harvest moon ds cute?

Just one the same as most of the harvest moon games=)

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