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NO! just go to hearthome city look in ALL the houses until you find a woman called bebe. talk to her and u will find that she is the manufacturer of Pokemon PC boxes. talk to her a couple of times and she will give you an eevee if you have a space in your party. if u don't, just dump one of ur pokies in the PC

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Q: Do you need the national dex to get an Eevee on Pokemon platinum?
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Do you need the national pokedex to get Eevee in Pokemon platinum?

no talk to bebe in hearthome and she'll give you an eevee

Where to find Pokemon 163 in Pokemon Platinum?

# 163 is eevee. go to heartrome. the house to the right of the poke center is bebe's house. she will give you an eevee You need the National Dex First before you can get Eevee though.

What do you need to use in mrbacklots gardin to get a Eevee in Pokemon platinum?

In order to get the eevee as a choice you need to have the national dex. Once gotten go and talk to him once a day until he says that an eevee approached him this morning. During that day eevee will be in his garden.

Where can you find lefeon in Pokemon Platinum?

to get a leafeon in Pokemon platinum, you need to have an eevee and then at any lvl you have to use a leaf stone!

How do you make evee eggs on Pokemon platinum?

you need one eevee and one ditto, then breed them and you will get eevee eggs.

How do you get an early eevee on Pokemon pearl?

It's not possible to get an early Eevee in Pokemon Pearl since you need the National Pokedex to get it. To get the National Pokedex you need to have seen every Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex. After getting the National Pokedex you can get a free Eevee from Bebe in Hearthome City.

-how to get evee without national pokedex?

Eevee can be gotten at Bebe's house in Hearthome city. In platinum, you do not need the national dex.

What level does jolteon evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Jolteon does not evolve, but to get a Jolteon you need a thunderstone to evolve an Eevee into Jolteon.

Do you need national pokedex to get magnemite?

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl you need the National Pokedex to get Magnemite. In Pokemon Platinum you don't need the National Pokedex to get Magnemite.

How do you catch Eevee in platinum?

go to the trophy garden in the Pokemon mansion. the Pokemon mansion is downward from hearthome city. talk to mr blacklot but save the game first. he will tell u about a rare Pokemon in his trophy garden. if it isn't eevee turn the game off and try again and again until th Pokemon is eevee. it may take a while so don't get mad. but to do this u need the national pokedex

What do you need to do to awaken regis in Pokemon platinum?

national pokedex

Do you need the national pokedex for the Pokemon modifier in Pokemon platinum?

You do need the national pokedex for the Pokemon modifier. the Pokemon modifier uses the national pokedex numbes. you can not use the sinno pokedex.