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Yes. Seasons is an expansion pack that requires the basic game to play.

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Q: Do you need sims 3 to play sims 3 seasons?
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Do you have to have all the expansion packs to play Sims 3 seasons?

You can install the expansions for The Sims 3 in any order you want, but when you play the game you will have to use the disc for the latest expansion to launch the game.

Can you play the Sims 3 Seasons on a PS3?

The Sims 3 Seasons is only available for Microsoft Windows and OS X, so it would be impossible to play it on a PS3.

Do you need Sims 3 to play Sims 3 generation?

Yes. But you need hands to play it.

Do you need the original sims to play sims 2 or Sims 3 on the PC?

Yes you need the original Sims 2 and Sims 3 to play these games.

Do you need sims 1 to play sims 3 world adventure?

You do not need the original sims 1 to play the sims 3 world adventures. You need to have the original sims 3 base game to be able to play world adventures.

Why do you need Sims 3 to play Sims 3 late night?

You need the sims 3 to play late night because Late night is the expansion pack for the sims 3. The sims 3 is the base game. To play Late Night you need the sims 3 base game first.

Do you need any of the other sims games to have Sims 3?

no, you only need the sims 3 to play the sims 3 :D

Do you need Sims 3 to play Sims 3 pets?


Do you need sims 3 to play sims 3 supernatural?


When does Sims 3 seasons come out?

The Sims 3 Seasons came out in November 2012.

Do you need The Sims 2 in order to play The Sims 3?

No, because you don't need the sims (first one) to play the sims 2!

Do you need Sims 3 to play Sims 3 pets plus?

sims 3 pets plus comes with sims 3 but indvisuly you need sims 3 for all things