Do you need kotor 1 to run kotor 2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No you don't need KotOR I to run KotOR II.

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Q: Do you need kotor 1 to run kotor 2?
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Why won't kotor 1 and kotor 2 work on my PC?

you have got vista and kotor dosent work for vista hope this helped

How long is the drive podgorica to kotor?

~1:30-2 hours

How to fix Kotor?

There is one way how to fix kotor 2, you have to get the patch, sadly they deleted the patch.cant they put it back on? I believe they are going to be making another patch for KOTOR 2.

Is there anyway to install Star Wars kotor 2 with only disk 4?

Yes, but you need to find Disc 1, Disc 2, and Disc 3. And then you can install the whole thing.

Can you put kotor 2 on a mac?

It is possible to play the video game Kotor 2 on a Mac. Instructions of how to do so are online.

How do you get to Telos' jedi academy in kotor 2 for xbox?

You need to take the shuttle inside the base on the surface of Telos.

Hood in Star Wars knights of the old respublic 2?

u cant get them in kotor 1 or 2 but u can get masks.

Does a gamecam work for KOTOR 2?

i think

Are there black lightsaber crystals in kotor 2?


How do you change your kotor file?

Download the KotOR save game editor. You can use it to change attributes, skills, feats, powers, appearance, allignment, soundset, classes etc on your custom character and also your npc's and you can choose items from the item list to have in the save. This works for both KotOR 1 and 2.

What are the install codes for Star Wars best of PC jedi outcast 2 for PC?

I didnt need a code for jedi outcast 2 or kotor

Does dexterity increase melee damage in kotor 1?

No, in KOTOR 1 (and 2), your Dexterity modifier adds to your character's Defense, and your chance to hit with blasters. Melee damage is influenced by the Strength stat. (Strength also influences your chance to hit with lightsabers and vibroblades).