Does kotor 2 work for the xbox 360?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Does kotor 2 work for the xbox 360?
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Can kotor 2 be played on a mac?

No. Knights of the Old Republic 2 is only for Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows

Can Halo 3 on Xbox 360 work on Xbox?

No it will only work on Xbox 360. Halo 1 and 2 will work on the original Xbox.

Does modern warfare 2 work on an xbox?

It doesn't work on a regular xbox but it does on an xbox 360.

Will ps3 rock band 2 controller work with xbox 360?

No, a PlayStation 3 Rock Band 2 controller will not work with the Xbox 360.

Does the game Shenmue 2 on Xbox work in Xbox 360?


Will destroy all humans 2 for xbox work on xbox 360?

No, i don't think you can because xbox and xbox 360 have different cases

Does Halo Combat Evolved work for xbox 360?

Yes, Halo 2 also works for the xbox 360

Will midnight club 2 work on Xbox 360?

Yes this is listed as a forward compatible title with the Xbox 360

Will Halo 2 work with xbox 360?

yes it will but you may have to update the 360

How do you change the Original Xbox into Xbox 360 games?

You don't all you have to do is get a xbox 360 a (white) one the take your original xbox games and play them on your xbox 360 be sure 2 get a xbox 360 elite or it probably wont work.

Will a USB hard drive work on Xbox 360?

AN XBOX 360 has 2 front USB ports, and 1 back USB port, an XBOX 360 hard drive will work for sure. A USB flash drive will work on the xbox 360 after you get the Spring 2010 Dashboard update

Why won't kotor 1 and kotor 2 work on my PC?

you have got vista and kotor dosent work for vista hope this helped