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You can't play as a cat, they are not controllable.

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Q: Do you need a cheat to play as a cat on the Sims 2?
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Is there a cheat on The Sims 2 to make your cat have kittens?

no One Time I Had 2 Dogs , And In 1 Day Of A Sims Day She Had 3

How do you get the cheat bar up in the sims 3 for the wii?

There's not an actaul *cheat bar* right now because it just came out but there is a cat fish cheat

Can you have a dog or a cat on Sims 2 double deluxe?

you cant have a dog or cat on sims 2 double duluxe you will need the expansion pack sims 2 pets =)

How do you cuddle a cat in sims free play for iphone?

Get 13 sims, spare 100.000 solemeons, build pet store, get a cat and then.tap on cuddle :-)

How tall is Cat Sims?

Cat Sims is 4' 7".

How do you grow your baby cat into an adult on the Sims 3 Pets?

Ctl+shift+c Type in the cheat box "testingcheatsenabled true" Shift click on your cat and click trigger age transition.

What does the cat need to play baseball?


What can you do with the sims 3 pets demo?

In The Sims 3 Pets Demo, all you can do is create pets. You can create a dog, cat, or horse. You don't actually get to play with them though.

How do you get dogs on sims3?

Yes but you can only on the sims pets sims 1: cat dog sims 2:same :C sims 3: cat dog and horses and unicorn

How do you have your pets scrounge on Sims 3 pets?

I usually have my sim man push over trash and then make the cat play in it!

What does a cat need to play basketball?

A basketball?

What is the cheat code for the eygiptian cat on Moshi Monsters?

well you have to bye it from horrod and you need to become a member to get that