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You can't, you can only have a cat or a dog.

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Q: How can you make a cat to a tiger in the sims 2 pets?
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How do you make your sim a cat on Sims 3?

Unfortunately there is no pets yet in Sims 3.

Can you have a cat on sims 2 for ps2?

You Can Only On Sims 2 Pets You Should Get To Make A Cat On Create A Family Or Buy On In Town Square

How do you make a fox on sims 2 pets?

It is not possible for a person to make a fox on the game "Sims 2 Pets." A person can make a fox lookalike by using the cat body and elongating the snout.

How do you make your pets have babies on Sims 2 Pets?

tell the dog/cat to mate with another pet :P

How do you have your pets scrounge on Sims 3 pets?

I usually have my sim man push over trash and then make the cat play in it!

What type pets can you get on Sims 2 Pets?

You can get cat's or dogs. But you can only have 5 pets at a time

What pets can you get on sims 2 pets?

if its on a computer then you can make a cat or a dog and if your buing them while you are in the game its a hamster and a parrot If on the wii, it's the same, but you can get fish.

How do you get dogs on sims3?

Yes but you can only on the sims pets sims 1: cat dog sims 2:same :C sims 3: cat dog and horses and unicorn

What are the pets codes for pets bunnies bunch?

penqin horse dog tiger cat

What can you do with the sims 3 pets demo?

In The Sims 3 Pets Demo, all you can do is create pets. You can create a dog, cat, or horse. You don't actually get to play with them though.

Can you have a dog or a cat on Sims 2 double deluxe?

you cant have a dog or cat on sims 2 double duluxe you will need the expansion pack sims 2 pets =)

Do you have to have pets on Sims Pets 2?

Simple, If you make a family, you try to add a person BUT, at the side when you click create a new there shall be create a dog or cat! SIMPLE