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no but then it will have 2 be on charge that means if u have no battery u will need a charger and plug in the charger and u can play a psp without batterys. i hope this helped bye guys PC out

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Q: Do you need a battery to play a psp?
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How long does it take to recharge a PSP Battery?

It takes about 2 - 3 hours for a full charge

How can you play your psp after water has got into the battery?

I suggest you get a new battery...

You bought a new PSP.What kind of applications you need to install to download and play games from your memory card?

You need to have a psp1 or a psp slim and a Pandora battery, goto to learn how.

How do you update PSP without battery?

You can't update a psp without a working battery. It'll state that the battery is low and you need to charge it.

How do you hack my PSP?

You need to unbrick your psp, for this you have to have the Pandora Battery and magic memory stick.

Do the PSP slim and PSP take the same battery?

The short answer is no. The PSP slim "CAN" take the larger battery from the PSP-1000 series, but it sticks out and you need to get a custom battery cover for it. The PSP-1000 can take the Slim or PSP-2000 battery, but, the same logic follows. It's best to keep the proper batteries to the right console.

How do you mod a psp to play download games?

you will need a pandora's battery and a magic memory stick with DC installed. the guide is here:

Can you play a game while charging your psp?

Yes you can, the PSP battery will continue to charge even when you are playing. I would not recommend to do that, it is better if you leave it to charge and then play.

How do you downgrade PSP 4.0?

Downgrade your PSP system to version 1.5 by turning your PSP battery into a Pandora's battery. You need are an original PSP battery (with more than 50% charge) and a Memory Stick Pro Duo with 1GB memory or above Users can downgrade their PSP to version 1.5 because they can upgrade their PSP to any version from 1.5. If you upgrade your PSP to version 3.51, you can play any downloaded games and run any applications.

How do you turn on your psp without a battery and the charger?

It's only possible to turn on your PSP with an adapter for the PSP or a battery for the PSP.

What are those cables called for psp that you hook up to two psp and you can play each other?

You do not need a cable to play between two PSP's

What is better PSP go PSP 3000?

PSP Go can only download games and the PSP 3000 can download and play UMDs. If you need to play UMDs then the PSP 3000 is the choice but if that doesnt matter to you then go with the PSP Go.