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No you do not have to pay, you cannot do certain things, but I did not pay and I have tons of fun. You can go in all the places and do almost everything and have LOADS of fun without paying a ton of money on it.

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Q: Do you have to pay to play toon town?
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In toon town how do you be friends to a cog?

i play toon town and... U DONT

Is toon town free?

Yes, you can play Toon Town for free, but you have to install it first.

Can you play toon town without signing in?

not unless your password and username is saved on toon town

Do Cole and Dylan Sprouse play Toon Town?

Well, one day this toon told me they do, but i dont know their toon names...

Do you need internet to play toon town?

Yup. It is an MMO

Is toon town safe?

yes toon town is safe

Where does Roger Rabbit live?

"Toon Town" .

Does nat have a toon in toon town?


How do you play toon town on vista?

Toon town are working on a version that will work on a vista but if you go onto toon town and click play now it will say there is an error, click on using windows vista check about compatibilaty issues and it should give you a step to step guide on how to allow you to play toon town on vista but it may put your computer at risk but if you cant wait for the new versin... risk itANSWERIt works but vista makes a compatibility box come up. Ignore it and continue playing.

Is toon town fun?

It is a matter of ones own opinion whether or not Toon Town is fun. However, most say Toon Town is a fun game.

How do you get money out of the bank in toon town?

Your bank in toon town is in your home, it is the jelly bean machine with the pig on top The bank in the toon town central playground is just like a decoration, sort of.

How do you become a vip toon on toon on toon town?

the best way is to play move earn more point to get new gags then im sure toontown will send you code or u just be a vip Thanks if this helps you