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no i dont think so

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Q: Do you have to pay to join club Nintendo?
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Do you have to pay to join the Nintendo club?

no its completely free

How do you get goodies from Nintendo?

Join Club Nintendo and earn points to get goodies.

Can you join club Nintendo if you buy a game?

No. To join go to

Do you have to pay for club Nintendo items?

everything on club Nintendo is free except the games you buy in the store to register onto club Nintendo

Do you pay for shipping on club Nintendo?


Do you have to pay for club Nintendo?

It's free.

Do you have to pay to join the nickcom club?


Do you have to pay when you sign up at club Nintendo?

No, it is a free service

Club Nintendo pin codes?

Go buy selected games.Once you buy a nintendo game, (not a game licensed by nintendo) inside there is a price of paper that say JOIN THE CLUB and on the back there is like a 12 digit number. That code is the one you need for coins on club nintendo.

How do you get our free Nintendo points after we join club Nintendo?

you need to register your software and products. also you can buy point cards from some retailers

How do you join Sam's Club?

you have to get a sams card

How do you get Nintendo stars?

To get Nintendo stars on club Nintendo, you have to open your case of wii, wii fit board, Nintendo ds and most wii games and there will be a slip or piece of paper saying 'join club Nintendo' and on it will be a silver scratch off area which has a code beneath the silver coating. Click on the 'register software' button on the club Nintendo site and type in your code. You will then have to fill out a questionerre and Hey presto you are done =]