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You need an internet connection to play online only

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Q: Do you have to have internet to play local on blackops?
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How can you get the computer to play with you in blackops?

U have to have xbox live

Can you play blackops on Kinect?

Yea i tried it today and it works -Baraa

What do cool kids do in there spare time?

sit up allnight and play call of duty blackops !!

How do you get better at blackops?

By using different tactics every time you play a round if its either multiplayer or zombies.

What is the role that Internet exchange points play in Internet access?

Internet exchange points were created to keep local traffic local by allowing multiple networks to connect to other networks in a cost efficient way.

Does Grand Theft Auto 4 need internet to play?

You do not need the internet to play GTA IV. It can be purchased as a games disk for example on the PS3, Xbox360. Check with your local game shop or the internet purchase sites.

Can you play Defense of the Ancients Local Area Network without Internet?

No. I think that's pretty obvious. Local Area Network, if you use common sense, uses a network (therefore internet).

Can you get blackops for Wii?


Is blackops for Wii?

yes :)

Is mw3 better then blackops?


Is call of duty blackops ok for 11 years old if you turn off the blood and gore?

sure i even play with blood on when im 10

Where can you find call of duty blackops free online no download?

You do not play Black Ops like that. The game requires a game disc or a full download