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If you want to play in 3d then yes but you can also play the game normally

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Q: Do you have to have a 3d tv to play avatar the game?
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Can you watch avatar in passive 3d glasses?

If you have passive 3D TV then yes you can watch Avatar 3D with its passive 3D glasses.

Can you play ps3 3d games on a bush passive 3d tv?

Of course you can. If the game is 3D compatible and your TV is 3D compatible, then you can watch and play 3D stuff.

Do you need a 3D TV to play a 3D game?

Yes, but you don't have to for movies.

If you play a 2d game on a 3d tv will it come out in 3d?

2d games are just that, 2D. If you use a 3D effect then it should come out in 3D, yet the game-play play itself will stay 2D, but popped out.

Will you have to have a 3D tv to play 3D games?

Yes. You cannot have the 3D effect without a 3D TV even if your game supports 3D. There are many 3D TVs so it is well worth trying out some models before purchasing.

Can you play Sonic Generations on Xbox 360 without 3D?

Yes, I have the game and play it on a standard HD TV

Can you play Xbox on a 3d TV?

yes you can play the xbox 360 on a 3D tv

Can you watch Avatar on ordinary TVs in 3d?

Yes, but they will probably supply 3D glasses with it, so you can look cool while watching it!

Do you have to use the 3d in a 3d tv or can you use 2d?

no you do not have to use the 3D in your 3D tv. its always on 2D unless you play a 3D movie and put it on 3D.

Can a ps3 play 3d movies?

Yes, as long as you have a 3D TV

What equipment would I need to play a 3d DVD?

In order to be able to play a 3D DVD, you must have a television that can play 3D programs. You must also purchase 3D glasses in order to view the movie as 3D.

Can you play your Xbox on a plasma 3D TV and will this effect the screen?

Yes, you can play your xbox on a plasma 3D. The dashboard and most games will not be 3D but some games are 3D compatible.