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An xbox, A game, and a controller...


and a tv, and all the xbox cables

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Q: What does an Xbox need to play games?
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Do you need xbox live to play all games?

No, you would need xbox live if you wanted to interact with others while you play xbox games.

Do you need an Xbox to play Xbox Lego games?


Can you pklay Xbox 360 games on Xbox?

no. you need an xbox 360. not a regular xbox to play 360 games.

When i try to play Xbox games on my Xbox 360 elite says you need to attach an Xbox 360 hard drive to play original Xbox games?

Yes, you need a hard drive to play original Xbox games because the hard drive contains the emulator that allows the original Xbox games to play on 360

Do Xbox games play on the Xbox 360?

Yes but you need a certain software to play them.

Do you need an xbox 360 hard drive to play xbox games on it?

In order to play games for the original Xbox on the Xbox 360 you will need to have the hard drive. This is because the update is downloaded onto it.

Could you play Xbox games in the Xbox 360?

you need a upgrade

Does Xbox 360 need a harddrive to play games?

No but if you want to play original xbox games on the 360 you need one, but a flashdrive would suffice.

Can you play all Xbox games on Xbox 360?

yes, but you can't on the arcade system. You need a pro or an elite to play original xbox games

Does your Xbox 360 need to be chipped to play copied games?

yes u will need to have a chip/memory card in the Xbox 360 to play copied games

Do you need internet connection to play xbox 360 games?

No, an internet connection is not needed to play Xbox 360 games. The Xbox 360 was introduced in 2005.

Can you play Xbox games online whithout Xbox live?

no, you need a subscription