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If you are talking about Modern Warfare 3, the answer is no. you rank up until you can create a clan tag, find some friends with one and ask to join, or create your own... Its completely free!

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Q: Do you have to be a premium elite member to join a clan?
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What does clan level mean in modern warfare 3?

If you pay the $50.00 to get 'Premium' COD Elite membership, then you can form a clan, or participate in a clan, which can level up over time. As the clans levels up, paying members earn double XP, and special titles and emblems etc. To level up the clan, you have to get 'founders' (people who were COD Elite Premium members from the start) to join the clan, and / or sign up to have the clan participate in clan challenges and competitions. People who are 'free' members of COD ELITE can join clans, but their efforts do not help level up the clan.

Can you join a clan in CoD Elite?


What military service did John Adams have?

join my clan on ELITE called NOVA NATION

Is there any Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare clan you can join?

Join ETS (Elite Tactical Squad) if you wish to.

How can you join a clan in maple story?

You have to find a member of the clan you want to be in. You have to have the person send you an invite to the guild. Only the ones who are chosen by leader or co-leader can choose which member to invite who.

Where do you find invites to clans on cod elite?

You go to elite and on the bottom right corner you should see invites click that and it wiil show the invite to join a clan.

Do You Want To Join The Modern Warfare 2 hard core Team Deathmatch Clan?

To Join An Elite Team Of Video Game Professionals Go To

How do you invite people to join your clan if they are not on your friend list?

go into your clan setup and change the setting to allow anyone to join your clan... then get them to click join clan then they have to type your username when prompted to join clan

How do you join a clan on Halo 3?

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN A GREAT CLAN YOU CAN JOIN THE TeaBag Party nation rebles there are over 300 member and we are also a comedy clan When you join: when you join you get full access to the clan wars, grifball and other halo 3 game types, when you also join if you are intrested in doing halo 3 comedy you must have a microphone and you can be good and also not so good to join. How to Join: If you would like to join please send a friend request to Ed X 23 or ZODIC 13

How can you join a clan in pokemon omega?

You cant join a clan.Someone has to invite you to join their clan.

How do you join clan in cod ghosts?

you can create it or you can join which will require invites to the clan for you to join

How do you join a clan in crossfire?

Requirements:- Must have a GameClub Account.- Player's rank should be Private (Level - 2) or higher.- Must not be a member of any clan.Steps:1. Proceed to CrossFire Clan Site.2. Login using your GameClub Account in Member's Login Box.3. Once you are logged in. Click on "My Clan" Box to Join Clan.4. You will be redirected to Clan Search Result Window.5. In search box, you may type-in the name of the clan that you wish to join and click on "Search" button. You also have an option to search using the name of the clan master.6. Click the name of the clan and you will be redirected to the clan page.7. You may now click on "Apply" and fill up the "Join Clan Request Letter below..".8. Your application will be subject for approval of the clan is the site: