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You do in Ascension Zombies from the first map pack for black ops.

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Q: Do you get wounder walffle in Black Ops Zombie?
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Can you be a zombie on black ops?

No you can not be a Zombie.

What is the best zombie map on black ops?

The best zombie map on black ops is the Call of the Dead but really its your personal opinion

Which is better for zombie mode on PC world at war or black ops?

Black Ops

What is the last dlc in black ops?

The last dlc in black ops is rezurrution which has the remastered zombie maps from world at war to black ops including a new zombie map called moon

Can you be a zombie on Call of Duty Black Ops?


Is zombie Hitler in cod black ops?


Why is there a zombie mode in cod black ops?

zombie mode is in black ops because of public demand. tryarch was to help make black ops and in world war tryarch made nazi zombies so when they made black ops they included it in

Are zombie downloads available for black ops?

You can download the World at War zombie maps only if you have the code that comes with the "Hardened" version of Black Ops.

Is zombie Hitler in black ops zombie mode in kinder de toten?


What events do you need to do and what order to get the Hitler zombie in black ops?

There is no Hitler zombie.

Is cod black ops going to have nazi zombies for sure?

Black Ops has a zombie mode

How many zombie maps are there in black-ops for Wii?

The Nintendo Wii can only get 3 of the 9 possible zombie maps for Black Ops. see related zombie mode for identification and information on all of the 9 zombie maps