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You can not go into space on any Pokemon game, dispite what others may tell you. Going into space is one of the BIGGEST lies anybody has made up for Pokemon games. You can ==only== catch Deoxys at Aurora Island. You can get here by going to a Nintendo Event in REAL LIFE Japan, or by using a GameShark/Action Replay.

I think so, and I don't like to lie, it is possible..........

actually you can go to space i just forgot how you doit for one thing u gotta beat the Pokemon league that's for sure and at moss what ever island theres a space staion you gotta talk to person looking out window in a white lab coat and wait till he says something like 61 i think is where deoxys is and jirachi is 100 i think i would of probley all ready been there if i didnt loose emerald but oh well ill go to space on sapphire

you can go to the moon in emerald

first talk to the white rock.then go to the space center talk to the man who gave you sun go near the rocket and use teleport.and use teleport and whoila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will be on moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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Q: Do you get to go to space in Pokemon emerald?
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