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Not for now but there are all ways new misions. I am 1117 days old in Club Penguin. ad there wasn't any mision after 7 but now there are the new ones. Well no misions for now but there is a packet for Nintendo DS name Revenge Of Harbert maybe u can buy it bye. NOTE: Keap looking for new misions

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Q: Do you get to do anymore missions after you finish the first 11 missions on club penguin?
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How many missions are there on Club Penguin for the ds?

First of all, there are 13 REAL missions. but there r extras, like delivering pizzas, helping santa deliver gifts, all that stuff. but trust me heres a tip, if u see the penguin who wants u to decode all those messages, only decode the first word and make sure u remember them! It saves u lots of time.

Is it able to meet dot on club penguin?

Yes, it is able to meet dot on club penguin. But you might want to do all of the missions first.

How do you get fenrir in ace combat x?

first finish all the missions that haven't been unlocked and then the mission "operation x" will be unlocked. beat it! and you will get the aircraft "fenrir" then finish all the missions on ace mode which its unlocked after beating the missions on hard mode.

How do you complete mysims agents?

You finish the jungle mission first, then you have to complete all of the dispatch missions.

How many avenging angel missions are on the first island in liberty city stories?

20 to finish the mission

You only have the first 8 missions on Club Penguin How do you get more?

To get more missions, you must wait awhile or if there are other ones but u cant use them, you must beat more missions -Tuffy56 (CP NAME)

How do you unlock everywhere on Grand Theft Auto 3 on PC?

You need to finish missions after you have done a bunch of them the first world be open ,then more missions and etc etc....

What is an epf mission on Club Penguin?

A EPF mission is a secret agent mission on club penguin that you have to do. One of them you have to rescue Aunt Artics puffles and bring clues to her and then bring all of her puffles back. EPF missions are really fun! EPF stands for elite penguin force and if you look at elite penguin force. (Elite Penguin Force)

What to do after you finish helping out the people in club penguin?

well first you have to say what is the club penguin then what do they do then you ask what to do afther you finsh helping the people in club penguin if you know all that stuff you can know the answer. but that is a hard question

When were the face pantings given out in Club Penguin?

The face paints were given out during the first Sports Party they are not available anymore.

How do you cheat Naruto-Arena?

you must first finish all missions and then you can unlock them!

Is there a mission 14 in Club Penguin?

no there is no clubpenguin mission 14 probably if you know when missions first started like i guess it will come in 4 years