Do you get achevments on PS3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, you do get achievements! These achievements can be found in games that you play, online, and offline. These achievements can be viewed in your achievements section.

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Q: Do you get achevments on PS3?
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Could you sell achevments in epicduel?

No. They can only be bought.

What happens when you earn all achevments in halo 3?

idk congrats?, but when u also do the all vidmaster achevments you get recon but since odst came out u now have to do those Achevments(new vidmasters) in order to finallly get recon from bungie, to get that when u get all achevments go to bungie and tell one member of bungie u got it and he will see it then give u recon armour(recon armour(rare) is sumthing bungie members had but now they are being given to ppl who won all achevments(including vidmasters).) HOPE THIS HELPS :P

How will cheats effect GTA4?

Certain Cheats disable certain achevments.

What are some of corondos achevments?

some of his achvemens are the light bulb" i think"?

How do you get new weapons on tf2?

if you want to get the scout weapons eg. do achevments

What Uses for iron in west Africa?

iron was used to make tools for tecnolical achevments

What was iron used for in West Africa?

iron was used to make tools for tecnolical achevments

How do I have the katana body on Halo 3 when I don't have 1000 gamerscore or all the achievements?

you need 49 achevments with halo 3

Which lasts longer PS3 or PS3 slim?

PS3 slim

Can xboxgames play in PS3?

a PS3 can Play PS3 Games

Which is better a netbook or a PS3?

a ps3 because its better.

Can you download US PS3 game to an Japanese PS3?

I dont know if you could DOWNLOAD US ps3 games to a japanese ps3, but you CAN play US ps3 disk games on a japanese ps3.