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Depends on the scanner, but generally:

if you load it onto the glass, face down

if you load it into a hopper/feeder, face up

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Q: Do you face up or face down the document and ready to scan?
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How do you get the HP Deskjet F2480 printer to scan?

To get the HP Deskjet F2480 Printer to scan, place a photo or document face down on the scanner. Press the Copy button and the file will be saved in your Documents folder.

How do you scan a document?

Put the document in a scanner and press the "scan" button.

How can I scan without printing a document?

can i scan document s in to a file without printing

How do you scan on epson sx400 printer?

To scan on the Epson sx400 you have to go into my computer then find the Epson related icon. Click on it and it should come up with a screen where you can choose out of several different places to scan your document to such as 'Word' and 'ABBYY fine reader...', if you click on one of those and simply press scan (once you have your document in place all ready to scan obvcourse). Hope i helped.

How do you scan pictures into your computer with a printer?

Assuming you're talking about a multi-function printer/scanner/copier. The printer should have come with some operating software. You place the original face-down on the top (as you would on a standard photocopier). Start the software and select 'scan'. this should make the printer scan your document and give you the option to save it.

What dose it mean Ready for Out scan to Spoke?

ready to be scanned and uploaded to consulate.

Can't scan multiple pages document to email?

No because you have to use an app to scan but if you have a scan code but there is an app that you can scan stuff but he need a barcode on a computer it is called scan

How do you scan a document to a computer?

Use a computer scanner.

How can you scan pictures?

What model is it? you usually just hit the "Scan" button, or if it has a touch screen go to "Scan", and select the type of document you want (pdf or document if it has text, and picture, bit, jpg, etc if it's a picture)

Can you scan a document with HP Photosmart Essential 3.5?


What is the difference between a scan preview and a scan?

The preview holds less detail than the the real scan, but allows you to see the arrangement, before committing to scan the document to a file.

How quickly can I scan a 10-page document with the Kodak scanner?

You can scan 10 to 30 pages per minute.

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