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In Pokémon Emerald version I believe you have the option to fight and catch Rayqauza before the Pokémon League. In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Version you can only encounter and catch Rayquaza after you have defeated the Pokémon League.

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Q: Do you catch Rayquaza before or after the league?
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How do you catch Rayquaza but before defeat the E4 in Pokemon Ruby?

Well, you have to beat the E4 enable to catch Rayquaza and when you beat the E4 you need a master ball of a lot of ultra ballsand save the game in front of him!!! If you run, die, or kill him you won't beable to try again. I hope this was helpful heres a tip the rayquaza is black

Can you catch Rayquaza before e4?

yes you can

Do you have to do the league to catch Rayquaza?

yes you do then go to sky pillar (on the right to pacificdalog) you have to have a mach bike to get up to rayquaza

When can you catch a Rayquaza?

after Pokemon league is beaten . signed, Liam sadek

Where does Rayquaza go after sootopolits?

It goes back to the Sky tower,if you want to catch it before facing the 8th Gym leader/or the pokemon league.

What do you do after catching Rayquaza in heartgold?

That depends on what you have done before. Nothing special happens after you catch rayquaza. If you haven't done it yet, you can catch Latios/Latias.

In Pokemon emerald do you have to catch Rayquaza before kyogre?

no you catch kyogre first then beat the elite 4 and the champion (steven) then go to pacifidlog and surf east and then catch rayquaza

Can you catch Rayquaza even if he already got away?

Nope sorry..... unless you saved before you battled Rayquaza

Can you catch Rayquaza on ruby?

Yes simply beat the Pokemon league then reach the top of sky pillar.

Do you have to beat Pokemon league to get Rayquaza?

If you are referring to the old GBA games, then yes and no. You have to beat the Pokemon League in Ruby and Sapphire to get Rayquaza but in Emerald you can get him before beating the Pokemon League. Hope this helped.

How do you catch the black Rayquaza?

A black rayquaza is shiny so save before you battle it. Once you battle it if its not black turn it off and on.

If you catch Rayquaza before you try to catch latios on Pokemon ruby do you miss the chance to catch latios?

No...unless you defeated the Latios...