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They burn at the same pace.

(If you can't find coal, put wooden logs in the furnace to make charcoal! It has the same uses as coal!)

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Q: Do logs burn faster than wooden planks in minecraft?
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How do you use a furnuce in mine craft pocket edition?

put the item you want to burn in the top and the fuel source at the bottom. fuel sources can be things like wood, wooden planks, sticks, charcoal, coal

How many calories do you burn when you do 20 planks?

Depends on how long you do them for. But not much.

Why spoon have wooden handle?

Wooden handles do not get hot and burn your hand.

Does glass burn in Minecraft?

No, glass does not burn in minecraft. But in an odd occasion i put glass over lava and it started burning.

How do you burn minecraft onto a disk?

You can't

How do white candles burn faster than the colored candles?

It is because they just burn faster

How would you attack a wooden castle?

Burn it down.

Do colored candles or white candles burn faster?

because in the wax it has something in that makes it burn faster.

Will oak or locust wood burn faster?

Locust wood will burn faster, it is softer than oak.

Why do purple candles burn faster?

they burn faster because purple is a darker color, so the color makes it burn faster than others. so if a candle was white it would burn slower than other colors

How do you get green dye in Minecraft?

Burn cactus in a furnace.

Does white candels burn faster that color candels?

do white candels burn faster than colored candels