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It seems that there is no medical evidence that handheld games cause cancer. It would be safe to assume that they do not, since there is not conclusive evidence that cellular phones cause cancer either.

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Q: Do handheld games like the Nintendo DSI cause brain cancer?
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How do cell phones cause cancer in your brain?

It hasn't been ruled out that mobile phones do cause cancer in the brain but there is a strong corelation between the two. It can cause cancer in your brain because the microwaves emitted by the phone can heat up the water inside your brain and this heating effect can cause cell damage in the brain and can cause cancer in the brain.

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Do mobile phones cause brain cancer?

no but they can help it to grow yes,it may cause brain cancer because of the emmission of the radio-active rays.

Can exposure to asbestos cause astrocytomas?

An astrocytoma is a form of brain cancer. Asbestos has not been associated with brain cancer.

Can a pacemaker cause brain cancer?

no it can't.It actually helps your heart.(But not your brain.)

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Can cat hair cause brain cancer?

There is no connection between cat hair and brain cancer. If cat hair caused brain cancer, there would be warnings made to all pet owners.

How many slices of water does it take for you to get brain cancer?

1. Water cannot be sliced. 2. Water does not cause brain cancer.

Can brain cancer cause hearing loss?

It is probably Possible.......

What would cause a burning sensation in the head?

brain cancer

Is it true that using a cell phone can cause brain cancer?

There has been no prven link to cell phones and brain cancer. This is an urban myth.

Can you get brain cancer from hearing aid?

yes, it could cause cancer. but it happens in rare cases.