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No, only the DSi, and all the DS's afterwards come with cameras. The original DS and DS Lite came without.

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Q: Do all Nintendo DS come with a camera?
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Which Nintendo DS has a camera on it?

the Nintendo that has the camera is the Nintendo 3ds or Nintendo dsi

Do all Nintendo DS bags come with extra pockets?

All of the official Nintendo DS bags do come with an extra pocket for games.

What is the difference between Nintendo ds and Nintendo ds i?

the ds i has a camera and is available in different colors than the regular ds, and the ds lite

How do you make a Nintendo DS?

Answer - to make a dsiGet a ds. get a camera. stick camera on top of ds and then u have a DSi

When will the Nintendo DS come out?

The Nintendo DS has already come out!! LoK

Does a Nintendo you have a camera?

Yes, but only the nintendo DSI (not DS Lite).

Does the Nintendo dsi have a phone?

No it does not. But it does have a camera and internet and the same things as a regular Nintendo ds.

Which Nintendo DS system has a camera and video features?

The DSi has camera and video features.

Where did the Nintendo DS come from?

The Nintendo Company.

Will you be able to play Nintendo DSi games on a Nintendo ds?

Nope. Sadly, you cannot because some of the games require a camera, the internet, etc. The DSi can play all Nintendo DS and DSL games, however.

Does a Nintendo DSi have a camera?

Yes. Unlike the old DS.

Does Nintendo DS i have a camera?

yes on the start up menu