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In fanfiction they kiss alot!

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Q: Do Takuya Kanbara and Zoe Orimoto kiss?
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Do takuya kanbara and Zoe orianto kiss?


Did Zoe Orimoto was Kojis girlfriend?

Sure they were

Did Koji Minamoto and Zoe Orimoto get married?

Yes they did that's why im Koji! And Zoe is mine.

Did Zoe orimoto got married in digimon frontier?

No but she had a crush.

What comes after Digimon tamers episode 51?

The next season of Digimon follows after tamers episode 51. The new series is called Digimon Frontier. Its about kids withthe power to morph into digimon. The characters are: Takuya Kanbara-leader Koji/Kouji Minamto-loner Izumi/Zoe Orimoto- only girl Junpei/Jp Shibayama-comideic releif(comedy) Tomoki/Tommy Himi-youngest Koichi Kimura-Former -Bad Guy/newest member

Does takuya like Zoe?

Actually, The Makers Of Digimon Frontier Didn't Continue There Show When They Grew Older.. They More ON Focus of How Takuya And Zoe Fall In Love.. And To All Fans Of Takuya And Zoe: They Didn't Get Married At All..!!..

Did koji minamoto love Zoe orimoto?

No he didn't, they were just really good friends.

Do koji minamoto and zoey orimoto like each other?

No, defently not. Koji does NOT love Zoe.

Do Koji Minamoto and Zoe Orimoto fall in love in Digimon?

sorry they do not fall in love in digimon

Does Zoe in Digimon like takuya?

well she had a cush on him and takuya liked her too i know this because in episode 46 they are alone together and he tells her he likes her and they both blush

Why Zoe didn't like Takuya at all?

No she did. Look at the episode with the library. Zoe is just about to tell him when he falls asleep. It is actually pretty funny. Hope I helped :D

On which episode of digimon frontier does koji confess his love to Zoe?

he doesnt, takuya kind of does.... but i know, not the same as koji:(