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I don't know a dout Zoe but max acidentaly kisses Tim in x tream map quest

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But it seemed like Max was going to kiss Zoe but he accidentality kissed Jim instead

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Q: Do max and Zoe kiss in dinosaur king?
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Did Zoe kiss max on the lips on dinosaur king?

no but I am a huge fan of max x Zoe and am expecting to air new seasons of dinosaur king where Zoe does kiss max on the lips.

Does Max ever kiss Zoe in Dinosaur King?

Unfortunately no. But Zoe TRIED to kiss him in the episode 'Amazing Treasure Race.' The actual clip can be watched on YouTube.

Deos max ever kiss anyone dinosaur king?

He does not kiss anyone, but Zara does kiss him at the end of the Arabia Arc. He and Jim accidentaly kiss in X-Treme Map quest while attempting to kiss Zoe (Zoe just ducks).

Did Zoe kiss rex in dinosaur king?

No, she does not. She does not kiss anyone romantically, although she kisses both Jimmy and Max on the cheek.

Dinosaur king- rex and Zoe?

Your question was not very clear. But if you mean was there romance between Rex and Zoe on dinosaur king the answer is no. But on the second series Zoe is shown to have feelings for Max. She tried to kiss him at one point, got jealous when Max had a crush on a Persian princess, cried when he sank in quicksand and clung to him like a limpet when Spectre was yelling at everyone through the intercom. So yeah, Max and Zoe all the way!!!

Does Zoe and max kiss in dinosaur king?

No but Zoe gets VERY close. In the episode 'Amazing Treasure Race,' Max gets jealous about a randomer called Jim kissing Zoe, and he questions her about it. Zoe asks if he's jealous and he says he isn't (even though he obviously is) and Zoe says 'There's no harm with a little kiss on the cheek. Here I'll prove it to you.' And she almost kisses him. You can watch the clip on YouTube: Zoe tries to kiss Max.

Does zoe have a crush on max in dinosaur king?

I think so, it depends what happens next.

Will Zoe Drake try and kiss Rex Owen?

Possible if they make a dinosaur king 3.

Is there an episode of dinosaur king where Zoe gets spanked by max?

Unfortunaly, there isn't an episode like that

Does Zoe have feelings for Max in Dinosaur King?

In reality, it is unknown whether or not Zoe has feelings for Max. Although she cries and tries to reach out for him when he was getting sucked into quicksand, it must be noted that she has been childhood friends with him, so they are naturally close. This same thing applies when she tried to kiss him on the cheek. Furthermore, she said that "a little kiss is nothing", meaning that she doesn't find much in it.

Does rex fancy Zoe dinosaur king?

Most likely yeah. But it remains to be seen if Zoe returns that crush. She appears to like Max more. Possibly.

Do max and Zoe get a bit older in season 3 of dinosaur king?

Well maybe or maybe not; guests you have to find out for your self when season 3 of dinosaur king ever comes on tv or not.