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Q: Do American Wii controllers work on the UK Wii?
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Do German Wii controllers work on the UK Wii?

of course wii remotes haven't got region limit

Does the Australian Wii controllers work on the UK Wii console?

Wii controllers or remotes are not country or region locked. You can use controller from any country with any console.

Do Wii UK controllers work on US Wii systems?

I don't think it will work. They are made differently. You'd better buy one that fit for US wii systems. There are lots of resources online. Have a look and find out what you want.

Will us Nintendo Wii remote control work on UK Nintendo Wii?

American Wii Remotes work on a UK Wii, as they are not locked to one region

Do American Nintendo Wii work in the UK?

they work if you get a plug addapter, but you can't play UK (pal) games on them, i think there is a company developing a disc to make your wii universal...

How do you get American wii games sent to the UK?

You can't. The Wii is region locked. Only games from your country/continent will work on the Wii. Sorry :S -Myhand

Can xbox 360 controllers from the UK work in Australia?


How do you get American Wii games to work on United kingdom Wii console?

It is not possible to play a US game on a UK console. However, a US console will work in the UK with only a UK power cable.

Do evil controllers work in the UK?

No they do not, are a US based website.

Does USA Nintendo Wii games console work with a UK television?

yes they do ___________________________________________________________ If your trying to say, "Does US Format Wii Games Work On A UK Format Wii" Then no. Reason: UK Wii Have Different Formats than US Games.

Will a Wii fit board from china work on a UK Wii?


Do Wii games in India work with Wii console from UK?

Not fully.