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Q: Did the majestic bundle from wizard101 retire?
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What was the first Wizard101 bundle?

The epic bundle.

Where can you buy the hawk bundle on wizard101?

You could try taco bell? Walmart is the only place you can get Hawk Rider Bundle in Wizard101.

What is a code for mega bundle wizard101?

Buy your own mega bundle then you will know a code.

Where do you buy a wizard101 hawk rider bundle?

You can get it at Walmart.

Is a super bundle better or hawk rider bundle better on wizard101?

hawk bundle because super bundle might give you a castle but hawk bundle gives better clothing and a better mount and pet. Hawk Rider Bundle is not much different than super bundle on Wizard101, because they both have the same level limits on the clothes when you first buy them

What should you get Dino Bundle or Majestic Bundle in Wizard101?

You should get Majestic Bundle. here are a few reasons why I say so- (1) Cooler, more powerful pet. (2) comes with Horn of Plenty, which gives daily prizes (3) Cooler mount that looks exactly like Mythical Basilisk (pet) (4) tons of secret rooms (inside and outside of house) (5) teleporters that allow access to who knows what (6) Trident-like staff with two prongs (7) knights outfit

Does any wizard101 players that have epic bundle want to trade for a level 97 fire?

To trade wizard101 visit -

How on wizard101 to get a Gryphon mount?

It's part of the Epic Bundle, you have to buy the whole pack.

Is the griffn mount pemenet on Wizard101?

Yes, it is. You get it by purchasing the Epic Bundle Gift Card.

Can you still buy the epic bundle pack for wizard101?

Yes You Can, Wizard101 Now Sells Them On Their Website Just Go To Their Website And Got To "Buy Crowns" It Is Under That Tab.

Where do you buy wizard 101 epic bundle gift cards?

You get it from Game Stop for 40$

What is the code for epic bundle on Wizard101?

no one is going to give you the code you know go buy your own gift card