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you really are dumb no one is going to give you their code because each code can only be used once you idiot

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Q: What is the epic bundle pack for wizard101 code?
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How on wizard101 to get a Gryphon mount?

It's part of the Epic Bundle, you have to buy the whole pack.

Can you still buy the epic bundle pack for wizard101?

Yes You Can, Wizard101 Now Sells Them On Their Website Just Go To Their Website And Got To "Buy Crowns" It Is Under That Tab.

Does Gamestop sale crimsonzilla for wizard101?

no, but they do sell the super bundle pack [ it's a code on a card] . it comes with a pet giraffe and a 2 person rider rhino!

What is the code for catwoman in batman arhkam city?

To get the Catwoman bundle pack, you can either buy the bundle online or buy it with the game disk.

Will there be a xbox 360 bundle pack with Kinect?

Yes. There will be a bundle pack with xbox360, a game, and the kinect sensor.

How do you say pack in Japanese?

"hitomatome" can mean "pack" such as in a "bundle".

How many epic mounts are there in wizard101?

Packages in Wizard101- Hoard of the Hydra holds one epic mount, which is also the only 3 person mount in the game, so it is a great prize. Wyvern's Hoard holds 5 mounts. Night Wyvern, which goes well with death wizards, Golden Wyvern, which goes well with myth wizards, Jade Wyvern, which goes well with life wizards, Cloud Wyvern, which goes well with storm wizards, and Fire Wyvern which goes well with fire wizards. There is no ice Wyvern mount in this pack. All of these mounts are one person mounts. Skyvern's Hoard holds one epic mount, Skyvern, which is for one person. The Phoenix Hoard pack holds one epic mount, Phoenix, which is for one person. The Islander's Hoard pack holds one epic mount, Tiki Waverider, which is for one person. Raven's Hoard pack holds two epic mounts, Blood Raven, and Raven, which both fit one person. The Kirin's Hoard pack holds 3 epic mounts, Silver Kirin, Gold Kirin, and Blue Kirin. Holiday packages in Wizard101- Halloween: Harrowing Nightmare and Nightmare packs. Harrowing holds 3 epic mounts, False Dawn Harrowings, Nightfall Harrowings, and Midnight Harrowings. Nightmare holds 4 epic mounts, Nightmare, ShadowSteed, Nightrunner, and Cloudstrider Pegasus Christmas: Yuletide and Winterland packs. Yuletide holds 6 epic mounts, one of those unique to that pack. The Winter Treant is the Yuletide pack exclusive. WinterGlide skates is the Winterland pack exclusive. Both packs contain, blue, pink, red, yellow, and green Candy Cane mounts. Retired: Dragon's Hoard pack holds one epic mount, Bone Dragon.

Is all the map pack maps on the map pack bundle?


How do you get a fierce hound in wizard 101?

There isn't one…………………...

How many crowns do you get during membership in Wizard101?

it depends, if you get a $10 gift card than you get a pet and 5000 crowns, however if you get $20 than you get 10,000 crowns, and if you get epic bundle you get 5,000 crowns but a lot of gear, epic bundle costs $ 40. So i hope this helps, enjoy your crowns!

What is a pack?

A pack is a bundle made up and prepared to be carried, or a number or quantity equal to the contents of a pack.

What is the pack in Wizard101 that you have the biggest chance of getting a mount?

The only pack i can think of is the Nightmare Pack which is only availible during Halloween