Did noble six know master chief?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No the closest they came to each other was Nobel 6 on the cannon, and master chief on the autumn

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Q: Did noble six know master chief?
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Is master chief noble six?

no noble 6 is not Master Chief as he/she died at the end.If you play the level lone wolf and watch it all halsey will say " if you only lived to see it".No, Noble Six is a spartan III who dies on Reach following the credits of the game, where Master Chief is a spartan II who is already aboard the Pillar of Autumn upon Noble Six's arrival at Azod.

Who is stronger Master Chief or Noble Six?

Chief is stronger, John 117 the Master Chief was abducted into the Spartan II program which augmented the participants to be stronger, faster, more agile, and even smarter than the spartan IIIs Noble 6 was a spartan III super soldier, and although had the same augmentations as Chief he like the other spartan III soldiers did not have as much of the augmentation as the Spartan II soldiers making the Spartan II troops better Final Verdict: Master Chief>Noble 6 chief is stronger

What happened if noble six lived on halo reach?

He would have probably teamed up with master chief and they would have probably been the last 2 spartans alive but master chief was the last spartan left when everyone else died

Will jun be in halo 4?

No only master chief cortana and do u wanna know why cuz jun died in halo 4 eveyr part of the crew even ur self(Noble six) dies

Is noble 6 master chiefs son?

Of, course not. First off, Master Chief was kidnapped from his family at the age of 6 in order to be drafted into SPARTAN-II training program. Secondly, the genetic augmentations of the SPARTAN-II rendered their reproductive systems useless. Third, Master Chief was fighting in the war WHILE Noble Six was being trained in the SPARTAN-III program.

Is master cief in reach?

im not sure. im sure that you play as a new recruit in the noble team(six - strong team of spartans) but i am not sure if master chief appears i n the game. ive heard he doesant

Did master chief join noble team?

No the Master Chief did not join Noble Team. There are three(3) reasons as to why this is so. Firstly, Halo: Reach is a prequel to the Halo video game series, thus if the Master Chief and Noble Six(6) were to be the same person than Noble 6's death would have killed the Master Chief before his story line started. Secondly in the second last level of Halo: Reach a AI (Artificial Intelligence) chooses Noble 6 to deliver a package to the Pillar of Autumn, which the Master Chief is aboard, to assist in the escape. This can be referenced from Halo 2 as they "burned their planet, but one ship escaped". The Elite is referring to Reach when he speaks of the planet and the Pillar of Autumn as the ship. Finally after completing the second last level of Halo: Reach as the Pillar of Autumn flies past and Captain Keys makes a quote from Halo (or Halo: Combat Evolved) if you look carefully at one of the windows you can see the Master Chief. Seeing as Noble 6 is still on Reach, proved by the last level (Lone Wolf), These characters cannot be the same persona. To sum up all of what I have said the Master Chief did not join Noble Team as it would require him to die before his storyline and also it would require him to be in two(2) places at once.

Where does master chief keep his ammunition?

master chief keeps his ammo on his thies/his upper leg, his pockets are made of armor in addition to the armor he he has on,he only has 1 pocket on each leg. just go to google and search up HALO REACH NOBLE SIX PICS and it will show you pictures of his ammo pockets in one of them.

How does halo reach start out?

Reach was a planet that had carried UNSC troopers such as Master Chief. It was because of Noble Six's death they found the planet as we all know today as Halo. (No one really knows how Reach was created, but my theory was it probably happened like the Big Bang Theory.)

Was noble 6 in a different squad before noble team?

It's unknown if s/he was in a previous squad. It is know Six was a "hyper lethal vector... responsible for militia groups disappearing"... Six's military record is kept "highly confidential", with little information shown (the few things that are certain is that Six is 6foot 9inches tall, which is around 205-206cm, and his weight. Six is also one of only two Spartans to be given "Hyper Lethal Vector" combat proficiency (the other being John-117, the Master Chief) These are the only things known about Six.SummaryIt is unknown if Six was in a squad before Noble, the main idea of Six is that he/she is you... You (as in the player) are Six, so you can create your own ideas about his past.

Where was Master Chief born in Halo?

The Master Chief was not from a State in the USA, or even from earth! He was lived in Elysium city, on the colony world of Eridanus II, until he was six years old.

Do we know for sure that noble six is dead?

After you destroy the covenant crusier and the credits role theres a level called lone wolf were your objective is to survive. from theater i found out that it's imposable to survive because the game wipes out your shields and basicly all your health.