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No because Dawn and her friends met Drew together.

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No, Drew has not personally met Dawn in any episodes of Pokémon.

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Q: Did Drew personally meet Dawn in Pokemon?
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What episode does Misty meet dawn in Pokemon?

there no Pokemon episode when misty meet dawn

Who does ash meet dawn or may first?

ash meets dawn in Pokemon platinum.Pokemon pearl and the Pokemon diamond series

In Pokemon does Dawn ever meet Misty?

No, Unfortunately they will not. But Iris will be meeting Dawn pretty soon. "If you ever have any questions about Pokemon you just let me know!"

In Pokemon US do ask and Dawn meet?

Yes.... And don't you mean Ash?

In Pokemon when does misty meet dawn?

No see does not, and unfortunately they will not be meeting. But Iris will be meeting Dawn pretty soon! "If you ever have any questions about Pokemon you just let me know!"

What episode does Salvin and Dawn meet in DP Pokemon?

the episodes is when pokemon eats a block of cheese and barfs everywhere

When does Gary meet Dawn?

Pokemon is evil. Watch south park and you'll see why.

In which Pokemon episode does Ash meet Dawn?

Episode 1 of Season 10 OR if your counting all of the episodes of Pokemon Episode 467

In what Pokemon series and episode do May and Dawn meet?

A Full Course Tag Battle! to Strategy With a Smile!

When was Meet Me at Dawn created?

Meet Me at Dawn was created in 1947.

How can you get all starter Pokemon in platinum?

You cant on gameplay you can meet them from dawn and your best friend or you could trade but on normal gameplay no

What episode of Pokemon Galactic Battles does Dawn meet May in?

Dawn doesn't meet May in an episode during the Galactic Battles season, she meets her in a Pokémon episode titled "Our Cup Runneth Over" which is during the "Battle Dimension" season.