Deep unnatural sleep

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Deep unnatural sleep
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What is deep unnatural sleep called?

a coma

5 letter word for Deep unnatural sleep?


What is the hink pink for heavy sleeper?

lead bed is the hink pink for heavy sleeper

Is rem sleep deep?

3/13/2012 jhh: REM sleep is NOT deep sleep. In fact, it is the lightest stage of sleep. In order from awake to deep sleep: AWAKE, REM, LIGHT, DEEP. Deep sleep and REM sleep are the most important stages though. Light sleep doesn't do much for you. Deep replenishes your body, while REM replenishes your mind. Older answer (not accurate): Yes. It is the deeper form of sleep that we experience during our sleep cycle, rem sleep is where dreaming occurs But not the deepest sleep, which would be delta. That's where, unless your a mother and hear your baby cry, you are oblivious to your environment.

What are the release dates for No Sleep on the Deep - 1934?

No Sleep on the Deep - 1934 was released on: USA: 6 April 1934

A baby is having a deep sleep does he show any movement?

R.E.M. Or rapid eye movement is a sign of deep sleep.

Is there a game called deep sleep?

yes there is a games called Deep Sleep actually you can play it for free with out downloading i swear!

7 letter word for deep sleep beginning with the letter p?

pass out how about 'slumber'? im not sure if it refers to a deep kind of sleep, but it has 7 letters and it is sleep :)

Where do grasshopper sleep?

in the deep grass.

To go into a long deep sleep?


What happened when God put Adam and Eve into a deep sleep?

God didn't put Eve into a deep sleep. Instead, only Adam was put into a deep sleep. During that sleep, God removed one of Adam's ribs. With that rib, God made Eve as a helpmate to the lonely first man.

Bears fall into deep sleep when?

when they are hibernating because they don't hibernate they just sleep