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Yes, the turntable from DJ Hero will work with DJ Hero 2.

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Q: Could you put the dj hero hero turntable on dj hero 2?
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How do you connect a dj hero turntable to your PS3?

dj hero how to connect turntable to the ps3

Can you use the turntable on Guitar Hero?

No, the turntable is for DJ Hero, not for any other game.

Does the old dj hero turntable for wii work on dj hero 2?


How do you connect you DJ hero to your PlayStation 2?

what cord goes in to the DJ hero ps2 turntable

Is the turntable for DJ hero 2 wireless?

Yes. All DJ Hero Turntables are wireless.

Does DJ Hero for Xbox come with the turntable or do you have to buy it separately?

You can purchase the game with the turntable.

Do Guitar Hero 4 guitars work on dj hero?

You need the turntable for DJ Hero or else you cannot play.

Will PlayStation 3 DJ hero turntable work on Wii?


How much does the turntable for DJ Hero for Xbox cost?

The game and turntable together cost $119.82. The turntable is not for sale separately at this moment.

Can you play DJ Hero without a turntable?

Yes you can use the controller

Do you need the bundle to play dj hero?

no, you just need the game and the turntable

What is the difference between the renegade edition of dj hero and the turntable edition?

the price is higher..LOL