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Rapidash. Because Rapidash has a higher stats than Magmar. Rapidash also has more powerful attacks than Magmar.

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Q: Could someone tell me which is better rapidash or magmar?
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How do you get a Magmar in Pokemon Emerald?

Magmar is unavailable on Pokémon Emerald. He can be traded in from other games, or you could cheat...

Why is Rapidash called Rapidash?

Rapidash's name orgin comes from if you split it's name it could be Rapid & Dash, which is reffering on the speed it runs. Also it come be a combination of Rapid and Ash referring to the fact it has flames on its back

What is the name of the Pokemon character with his tail on fire?

It could be Rapidash or Ponyta.

A good team for Pokemon pearl no legends?

i would say Garchomp, Empoleon, Wevile, Rapidash, Ryperior and Honchkrow you could switch empoleon for gyarados and Rapidash for infernape if you want

Where do you get magmar on Pokemon FireRed?

you could only catch it in leafgreen at mt ember or trade

How do you evolve a magmar into a magmortar?

to evolve magmar into magmortar, trade magmar (while holding magmarizer) to another system then magmar evolves into magmortar (dont press the B button) hope this helped oh and you could do this with electabuzz while it holds electirizer then it will evolve too.

Where do you find magby in Pokemon SoulSilver?

(you don't find it you breed 2 magmar and when egg hatches you've got magby)You don't necessarily have to breed two magmar's you could just get a ditto and breed a magmar with the ditto, as with anyother Pokemon except legendary Pokemon.By the pokewalker.

Does rapidash evolve?

As of pokemon black 2 and white 2, no. But things could change in future generations.

Where could you catch a magby in Pokemon platinum?

I'm not sure if you can - wat you have to do is get a male and female magmar and put them in a daycare, that way they will have an egg and if will be a magby. You can get a magmar by going to the fuego ironworks behind floaroma town.

Is this a good Pokemon team Garchomp Medicham Roserade Rapidash Empoleon and Weavile?

No! It is not a good team. Because Garchomp and Rapidash could fall to a Lapras. Medicham could fall to a flying type and so would Roserade. And empoleon could fall to an electric type and also weavile would fall to a fire type.

Were to find rapadash in HeartGold?

You could find Rapidash at Mt Silver, or you can level up Ponyta to level 40.

How do you catch magby in Pokemon platinum?

i dont know but you could catch magmar in the grass at the ironworks by floroama town but you have to know surf. you cold catch a girl and boy magmar and breed them at the day care centre/center.