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Q: Computer games where your an animal?
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Is there games on this computer where you can walk talk and play?

yes there is animal jam and club penguin

Is there anyway you can download Animal Crossing onto your computer?

No, there is no possible way. Animal Crossing games are for the Gamecube, Nintendo DS, or the Nintendo Wii, and nothing else.

What animal is also a computer part?

A mouse is both an animal and a computer accessory.

Is there a computer game for animal crossing wild world?

No,there is 1 gamecube game,2 DS games and 1 wii game.

Are there any online animal games that you can create the animal and be the animal?

no,there are no games like that.

Which is better computer games or video games?


When was Animal Games created?

Animal Games was created in 1977.

What are some animal games for kids?

Play animal games for boys online at Pet Games , Animal Planet, My Animal games. These are all free online and offer a wide array of games where kids can play with animals.

Can you get a computer where you can play video games?

You can get the video game version of computer games but video games and computer games are written different to run on different machines

What are some animated Animal Games?

this isn't really an animal but you can play animal games on here.

Can you play games with Macintosh computer?

Games can be played on a Macintosh computer.

How do you play Wii games on your computer?

You can not play Wii games on your computer.